How often do comics come out-

Generally there's one comic a week at the bare minimum, Occasionally there are gaps in this schedule and two weeks may go by before a new comic is posted, however the general schedule of 1 comic per week is adhered to even in this cases, i.e. if two weeks go without a comic being posted, 2 comics will be posted simultaneously at the end of those 2 weeks. Sometimes this is just due to normal RL concerns and sometimes this is intentional, in cases of large fight scenes 1 full page may not see that much story advancement and so would feel like a bit of a let down or frustrating for readers to have to wait another week to see any real continuation of the plot in lieu of action scenes (a prime example of this would be Dragon Ball Z, 6 half hour episodes for one minor fight, each saying the story will advance tomorrow so be sure to tune in! I find this annoying) so rather than force people to wait and deal with the frustration that comes from getting a page of fighting with nothing else going on, I sometimes wait and release 2 or more together so there is marked advancement of the story even if you have to wait longer for it. There has never once been a case where much over 2 weeks have gone by without an update, despite the histrionics of some readers who decide to email me and complain to the contrary, a month has never and will never go by without at least a single update and generally the loose schedule of 1 comic per week is followed one way or the other. Complaining about comic frequency does nothing to improve it and can quite frankly annoy me enough to delay releasing a comic or feeling up to working on it after listening to nothing but whining from an inconsiderate very vocal minority. Please be patient and enjoy the comic for what it is and it will continue coming out regularly as long as there is a story to tell.

Will you sell a printed book-

No. This question comes up a lot and I assure you a printed book will not happen. Things like named races and places from Everquest are the intellectual property of Sony Online Entertainment, using those types of things for profit violates copyright law. The Fair Use Act and Sony's good graces allows me to make comics in fun, it's mutually beneficial, but printing and selling these comics expressly for profit is a different matter. Basically the only way it could possibly happen would be if Sony wanted to do it, so if it's that important to you write 'em an email, you never know.

While the Everquest based strip cannot be printed without the express consent of Sony Online Entertainment without altering any mention of their intellectually property that does not prevent me from developing and publishing my own original work so depending on the interest an original story not based on EQ or any other game may be forthcoming and available for purchase. Right now this original work is in development and review, the only way to read any of it currently is to donate towards the site and right now 2 pages per month are made available and sent out to all donators for the month as a reward for their support and for their valued input.

How are the comics made-

Comics are pencilled in non repo blue lead and inked first with a Rapidoliner .25 pen  then with a .08 and .05 Zig markers on smooth Bristol board. The inked comics are scanned into Photoshop 6 and colored, shaded, boxed and lettered. The normal text font used is Anime Ace, the logo's font is Alchemist. Someday I hope to afford one of those fancy Wacom Tablets and see what I can do working directly in the digital format but I'll always be stubborn when it comes to working with old fashioned paper and pencil.

Can I be in the comic?-

My only rule regarding cameo appearances in the strip is: If you ask to be in, you can't. Sorry but I find this the easiest way not to be pestered and annoyed constantly. I write people into the strip based on what race/class I need to fill a specific spot and what kind of people they are. So the only way to improve your chances is to be cool to people.

Do you take ideas for strips?-

No. I don't accept submissions. I have various reasons for this, mainly I want to do this on my own. The main point of doing this strip is to improve as an artist and writer, it's practice, and I prefer to do it myself. I appreciate input, but I don't take submitted story ideas.



How do I get the donator wallpaper and Smoke Comics?

By donating naturally. You can donate via paypal and the link on the front page or through the mail with the address provided on the front page. If you donate through the mail please include an email address so I know where to send the wallpaper. If you donate through paypal be aware the email address registered with paypal is where the wallpaper will be sent, please make sure it is accurate.

What wallpaper/comics will I get?-

When a new wallpaper and 2 comics are made current an announcement will be made on the front page, the changeover date for the month is normally around the middle of the month but can vary so watch the news updates, I always post there when it changes. Anyone donating up to that date receives the current wallpaper, anyone donating after announcement of a new wallpaper/comics receives the new wallpaper and comics as announced on the site unless the request otherwise by email.

What if I want a previous wallpaper?-

 Send an email telling me how your donation showed up and when and I'll send the wallpaper and/or 2 Comics of your choosing, if possible mail from the email address that shows up with Paypal so I can tell at a glance you donated and want to request a specific wallpaper/comic.

Is there a minimum donation?-

Not really, I suppose a dollar minimum is acceptable. Anything less is nonexistant after paypal fees.

Can I Donate for all previous Wallpapers and Smoke Comics at once?

Any donation I see of fifty dollars or more now receives all wallpapers up to current and all the Smoke comics made up to that point. Please ensure you have a good amount of free space in your inbox and they will be mailed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that donations for everything take the most time to process so it may be awhile, but I most definitely will send everything out to you.

I Donated Five Minutes Ago! Where's my Wallpaper/Comics!?

  Wallpapers are sent out in large groups periodically through the month, not as individual donations come in. If I did it that way I would spend an inordinate amount of time mailing Wallpapers. Please keep in mind the Wallpapers are a thank you gift for your generous donation, not a product you’re purchasing. Donations for all Wallpapers at once take the longest to be sent as I have to go through the records manually looking for donations of $50 or above.


Link Images

For Websites that want to link to WTF comics the following Banners and Buttons are available for download. Please do not hotlink to the images, simply copy the pictures you want to use for your site and use them as you like on your own server.





Chapter Covers and Divisions

Cover 1- goes before strip number 1 obviously
Cover 2- goes between strips 20 and 21
Cover 3- goes between strips 40 and 41
Cover 4- goes between strips 58 and 60, only the chapter # is different.
Cover 5- goes between strips 88 and 90 only the chapter # is different.
Cover 6- goes between strips 121 and 122, moved up 2 from its strip #
Cover 7- goes between strips 143 and 144, moved down 2 from its strip #
Cover 8- goes between strips 170 and 172, only the chapter # is different
Cover 9- goes between strips 210 and 212

Free Wallpapers

Straha Wallpaper Ver. 1
Holliday Wallpaper
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Annashi Wallpaper Ver. 1
Maguna Wallpaper Ver.1

Khristalla Wallpaper Ver.1
Gnomish Monks Ver. 1
Nikisha Ver. 1

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